October 4, 2019

Father’s Weekly Blurb

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Probably because of Fr. Al’s death, many people are asking me, “will they close St. Rose?  My answer is a solid “No.”  Rome has ordered that no parish may be closed, including St. Rose or any other parish in the United States. 

We will have to face difficulties in our diocese.  Because of the large amount of money given to victims of abuse the diocese has little resources to give to the parishes that are running out of money.  Those parishes that are worship sites with only weddings, funerals, and one weekend mass will soon have roof repairs needed, boiler breakdowns, and other building problems. They will need money to pay for those problems.  The worship site congregation will not be able to afford it.  The diocese can’t pay for these problems as yet.  The diocese has no plan for the future.  St. Rose has enough money to carry on, but it might be challenged by two or more expensive repairs. 

Nonetheless, St. Rose will not be closed.

Fr. Santorsola

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