October 4, 2019

Father’s Weekly Blurb

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Second Sunday of Lent

The second Sunday of Lent reminds us of the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration.  The word transfiguration in Latin means to change the shape, form or body.  Biblically, it means the physical body of Jesus Christ was changed into the “Glorious Body” on Mount Tabor. This happened after Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Messiah and Jesus’ prediction about His passion.  Jesus went to the mountain to pray taking Peter, James and John, and while they were there Elijah and Moses appear with Jesus.  In Matthew and Mark’s Gospels there is a reference to a conversation among the three, but only Luke’s Gospel includes the detail of what Jesus will accomplish in Jerusalem.

 Some Jews believed that Elijah’s return would signal the coming of the Messiah for the Jewish people.  The appearance of these two important figures from Israel’s history with Jesus signifies His continuity with the Law and the prophets, and that He is the fulfillment of all that was promised to the people of Israel.

We also notice that Peter has reverted from his earlier confession that Jesus is the Messiah, calling Jesus “Rabbi” instead.  As if in reply to Peter’s confusion, a voice from heaven speaks, affirming Jesus as the Son of God and commanding the disciples to listen and obey Him.       In Lent, we learn the Apostles’ experience to prayer.  Our need to come back to Church is a true and real mountain to meet God, Jesus and His people.  We need to destroy our own mountain of pride, ego, greed, hatred and rejection.  We need to build our spiritual lives and be connected with Jesus by reading the Bible, fasting, giving up our sinful lives, going to confession, attending Holy Mass and, above all, setting goals to help those who are poor and needy.  Jesus is acting as the bridge between heaven and earth in our daily lives.         

 Father Dominic Ishaq, JCD

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