October 4, 2019

Father’s Weekly Blurb

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When your pastor, I promised to be a man of prayer and a spiritual leader rather than a leader of parish activities.  I promised to try to bring people together who will now and help one another and enjoy each other’s company.

 I promised to work and pray to bring back to Christ, the Church and the sacraments, all those who have separated themselves.  I promised to teach the gospel and to apply that teaching to our everyday lives.  I promised to offer the sacraments as frequently as possible for your spiritual nourishment.

 I promised to be a good and honest steward of the money you donate for our parish, to keep us out of debt, to keep the property maintained for safety and aesthetic reasons.  I promised to include anyone who wished to stay after Mass to help make any financial decisions that involve large amounts of money.  I promised to run an efficient and friendly rectory and to keep the parish going in the right direction.

 As best as I can, I promised to help during times of death or illness.  I will try to be there when needed by who may or may not have a church of their own.  I cannot be of service to those outside our parish.  I know my limitations.  I promised to organize and keep solvent a monthly financial help to those in need in our parish and to donate some money to charities outside our parish.  I preach and live the gospel.  I promise not to have useless meetings, only one with purpose.  I think I have fulfilled my promises.


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