On behalf of all our Parishioners of St. Rose of Lima a warm and sincere welcome to all of you to our website and our Church.   St. Rose of Lima was founded in 1890 and dedicated formally on June 25, 1892.  Since its Dedication, St. Rose Parish has been a unique experience of faith, hope and love in the community of Eddystone and throughout the reaches of Delaware County.  Through the years,  many of our faithful parishioners, visitors and friends have entered our sacred place to experience the power of God’s love and friendship.  As of today,  many come to St. Rose of Lima because of our beautiful liturgies but also because of the warmth and love that one can experience through mutual interaction with our many warm and loving parishioners.  We have people attending from all over Delaware County, the State of Delaware, our close neighbor, and other areas throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.  They have attended from Chester and Montgomery counties and the City of Philadelphia.   We are truly blessed that many who work at the Philadelphia International Airport visit our Church during stopover flights and because of the proximity to the airport.  We have First Responders who are parishioners and many First Responders in the area see our Church as a safe haven and respite during the intense and sometimes dangerous interactions they must face.

Everyone is WELCOME at St. Rose of Lima Parish.  We know that many are committed to the Churches where they live.  However, I would like to welcome everyone to visit anytime if you wish and be part of our experience here.   We want to share our blessings with all so please consider this a second home where you can come and take refuge in the presence of the Lord and a faith filled and loving Catholic community.  No one is excluded here at St. Rose.  Everyone is welcome.  There is no one who should consider themselves unloved or unwelcome at St. Rose no matter their personal circumstances, problems, and sufferings that one may be living through or experiencing.

Our dear St. Rose of Lima, an austere Saint known as a Saint for the Impossible is the Patroness of our Parish.   She is looking down upon our Parish and all who visit us.   St.  Rose had a deep and austere faith and a love for those in need especially the sick.  Tradition has it that at her death the whole city of Lima smelled of roses and many miracles occurred.  She is OUR ROSE AND OUR REFUGE amidst the changing world we live in.  She blesses us with her love and intercession!  Saint Rose of Lima, pray for us!

So my friends, check out our website and our Mass times and know that you are always welcome here.  Download our app too!   I usually try to visit each of the weekend Masses.  If you are a new parishioner or a friend visiting us, please introduce yourself so I can welcome you and meet you in a more personal way.

With love and prayers!

Fr. Dominic Ishaq JCD

St. Rose of Lima, Eddystone, PA.