September 30, 2018

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Just a Thought                                                                                     February 16th – 17th

The opening line from the prophet Jeremiah speaks to each one of us of the individual and personal love God has for you and me: “The word of the Lord came to me, saying: before I formed you in the womb, I knew YOU.”

Jesus knows us in a very personal way, He invites us into a special relationship, to be one with Him in healing the brokenness of others. To do what we can to be people of peace in the midst of such turmoil in our world.

He needs us to radiate His love to the broken in spirit, the downcast, those who feel empty, alone. The opening line from St. Paul in our second reading shows us how to do just that. Paul challenges us to strive eagerly for the greatest gift. To love one another as God loves us. To see those in our family, our workplace, neighborhood, wherever, as God sees them and to respond to them as God would.

We are not perfect, we will fail many times but the only way change will happen is for each of us to take to heart the words we hear at holy Mass, the nourishment we receive in Holy Eucharist and to live our lives aware of what God is doing in us and for us.

Please, don’t misunderstand me, we are not to go stand on the corner and preach or make judgment calls about anyone. We are all imperfect and in need of God’s healing.  What I suggest is our need to be aware of God’s redeeming love, and that He invites us to share the graces we have received with each other and with those away from church and sacraments, to invite them “to come and see.”   In trying to do the above, we more fully understand that, “his is the salvation, the mighty works of the Lord,” that we, like the psalmist proclaim daily in Eucharist.

Dear friends, pray for yourself and mention by name those you are concerned about, ask Jesus to touch their hearts and feel His love. There is no better gift you can give them then to pray daily for God’s presence in their lives.

God bless you and yours, you are in my prayers.


February 11th meeting has been canceled.

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