September 30, 2018

Prep and Religious Education Programs

Just a Thought  July 20th – 21st

Our loving Lord, many times in our scriptures, made Himself a guest in various homes of those following Him.  So too, Jesus is always here with and for us, we are the one, perhaps by our words, our actions, maybe our life style, hold Him away from our lives.  Possibly by word, many times our actions, speak that He is not a welcome guest in the home of our heart. God gave us His only Son Jesus Christ to be one with us.  Christ followed the will of His Father and not only taught us about the Father’s love, but recall again, the Last Supper, when Jesus took bread and wine, transformed those simple elements into His Body and Blood, for you and me.

Following our Lord’s example, we too, need to serve others, help all to know His love by the way we live our lives, how we reach out to one another, to speak words to encourage not condemn, to be kind, supportive, sincere caring about and for all those we encounter each day.

Life is a challenge, it is not easy to follow Christ, but again, listen to the words of the Gospel acclamation: “Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart and yield a harvest through perseverance.” Following the direction of our Lord, listening and taking to heart His words spoken to us daily in Holy Mass, we will not be anxious or disturbed, as did Abraham, we will wait on the Lord and know by doing His will, the peace that only Christ can give us.

Like Martha, we too, have been chosen by Christ, He will never leave us, all He asks is we follow His plan, His will and then help others to know and love Him.

Amen, God bless you and have a Blessed week.

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