September 30, 2018

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Just a Thought November 10th – 11th

The message in this week’s readings seem so evident yet for many, we may miss the point. Our First Reading tells us of the widow giving from her want to provide another. She could do this because she trusted in the Lord taking care of her and her family. Our Gospel follows that same theme, the widow giving just ‘two cents’, her everything, because she saw another more in need than herself. In so doing they teach by example. Dear friends, every single day we can be God’s witness to others, that we know and follow a living Christ, simply by the way we live our lives, the words we say, the concern we show to those in need. Coming to Holy Mass, must change us. Receiving Christ in Holy Eucharist beings Christ within our very person. Perhaps this week we can spend a moment or two and thank Him for Eucharist and try to live each day more aware of the Gift we have received. One very visible sign of your tremendous care and concern for others is shown weekly in the number of ‘blue envelopes’ that come to us. Every single cent in those envelopes goes right back out to help our own, families, individuals, going thru hard times,  perhaps single parents, our beloved seniors, those struggling to make ends meet, are helped because you care. Our readings this weekend speak not of giving out of duty or obligation but seeing the need of others and responding as best we can. We may not be able to put a monetary donation in the envelope, but we can pray for those in need and allow Christ to do the rest. PRAYER WORKS… Quoting from holy scripture, can we follow the example of the widow, doing each day what God ask of us, always confident that ‘our jars will not grow empty, nor our jugs of oil run dry.” Amen…

God bless us one and all…


Next meeting, Monday November 12th in the hall at 7PM. Join us as we take time to allow God into our grief.

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