September 30, 2018

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Just a Thought          Passion Sunday…                                   April 20th – 21st

God bless you and yours, see you in church. Blessed Easter.

  We are indeed blessed…Every year we are given the opportunity to walk with Christ, not only as He ministered to those around Him here on earth but to be present thru the Scriptures, and our Holy Week services, to more fully enter into Christ suffering, death and resurrection, by the way we live our lives.   Our faith allows us to enter into the pain of Mary and His followers. To see the agony on Christ’s face, to hear the taunts and ridicule He suffered.  Christ uttered words we all say when the burdens we carry seem overwhelming, “Father, is there any other way, if not, not my will but Yours be done.”

  This week-end we walked with Christ thru the days of Holy Week, and now we come together to celebrate His Resurrection.  Why, because we are believers, we are His followers and we rejoice because Christ is not dead, but alive.

  Yes, there is Good News, we gather on the first day of every week, and many among you, come daily, needing Christ nourishment in Eucharist and to hear His words, as we continue our life’s journey, walking hand in hand with Christ.       As we celebrate Christ resurrection, let us spend time with Him in gratitude for His love, unconditionally given to us, and perhaps look within to see if we love in such an unselfish way.  I close with the last line from John’s Gospel, 

  “These words are written that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that through this belief, you, may have life in His Name.”Blessed Easter, let us make the time to thank God for His Son and to thank Jesus for His love.                  

God bless you and yours

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