March 6, 2020



The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has issued a set of directives for the celebration of Mass designed to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus.

Holy Communion:  All priests, deacons and extraordinary ministers are to wash their hands with hand sanitizer before and after distribution.

Precious Blood:  Distribution of Precious Blood from the Chalice to ministers and the faithful has been suspended.

Also, the Eucharist should only be received by placing in the palm of the hand not on the tongue.

Sign of Peace:  The invitation of the Sign of Peace is optional and during these circumstances a bow of the head instead of the customary handshake is appropriate.

Prayers for the prevention of the virus and those affected should be included in our prayers during Mass. Be thoughtful and vigilant in practices that prevent the spread of sickness and protect the good health of one another.

The Archdiocese will continue to monitor and take further action based on the guidance of national and local health agencies.

                         Thank you!

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