I know that there are many responsibilities we all face concerning our financial situations. The raising and supporting of our families and the myriads of other issues concerning our financial obligations can be overwhelming. Therefore, I want to especially thank you, our Parishioners, but also our visitors and friends for the constant generosity in contributing to our Parish and our Poor Box which has helped a countless number of our parishioners in need. So, my friends, thank you so much for your love and your generosity in making St. Rose of Lima Parish the loving and faithful community that it is.  I am always impressed by your generosity in giving.  And I am so happy to be part of your lives and this parish community.

My blessing, prayers, and good wishes are for you.  I am so grateful to be part of your lives on our journey of faith.

With love,

Fr. Dominic Ishaq JCD

Parochial Administrator, St. Rose of Lima