October 4, 2019

Just a Thought

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Just a Thought  May 1st – 2nd

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us He is the true vine, our source of divine life and wisdom, needed to follow Him in today’s world.

Way back when we were Baptized, we became a child of God, joined to Christ by the Holy Spirit. Jesus goes one step more by giving of Himself to be our nourishment and food for the journey.

Reflect for a minute on the First Reading, the powerful witness Paul became. Paul, who at one time was persecuting the Christians, becoming one of His most devoted followers.

By our Baptism, we too, are called to be that witness to others, of the Christ present in us. Christ who lived and died so that one day we would all be together in the Kingdom.  Christ who became one with us, to show us His way, to walk with us. Christ needs you and me to help others on their journey, to show by example that we are followers of Jesus and that we can make the time to pray for and to be with others who are hurting, to stop and really care about those who have no one to care for them or about the.  Can we do it? Jesus know we can, He even shows us the way.

In today’s Psalm, we prayed, “The Lord has revealed to us His saving power.”   Be open to His promptings, listen for His voice, see Him in those we encounter daily and  respond as Christ would.

The closing line from St. John reminds us of what “love is”. Not that we have loved God, but that God has loved us and gave us His only Son, to journey with us until that day we all together with Him in the Kingdom.

                   Have a Blessed week, you continue in my daily prayers.

                                                God bless you and yours.

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