October 4, 2019

Just a Thought

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Just a Thought                                                                            

November 21st – 22nd

Feast of Christ the King

In our Responsorial Psalm for this great Feast of Christ the King, 

we hear the words, “The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.”

Pause, if you can and re-read the above words, do we fully understand the intensity of Christ’s love for us,

 that He is available to you and me every second of every day. 

All we have to do is believe in His love and allow Him to help us in decisions, 

in the everyday items that cause us concern and worry, 

Go to Jesus, in so doing, “there is nothing I shall want.”

Our Gospel challenges us to go above and beyond, to think of others more so than ourselves.  

To see pain, hurt, needs and not just feel someone else will respond,

 but also, realize God may be asking you and me to be that ‘someone’ to see pain, fear, sorrow, 

whatever and do what we can to bring peace and healing. 

Yes, there may be hesitation in stepping out, if so, we have the power of prayer,

 knowing God hears, God answers, simply because we ask Him. 

This week-end, St. Matthew in the Gospel reminds us of our obligation to do so.

In the weekly message from Pope Francis, our Holy Father speaks of the fact that Jesus in His ministry 

never ceased having that intimate dialogue with His Father. 

Our Gospels’ remind us that Jesus made time ‘to retire to secluded places to pray.’  

So too, dear friends we need to do the same, to be better able to see and respond to the pain and hurts of others.

Sadly, we may not have ‘that secluded place’, but simply when stressed or upset,

 close your eyes, bring Christ into your moment, talk to Him, share your concerns, pause, feel his love, 

 Christ hears Christ answers.

God bless us one and all.

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