October 4, 2019

Just a Thought

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Just a Thought  April 11th – 12th

Just a short prayer that might give us cause to pause and thank you.

God that following every Good Friday there will be an Easter Sunday.


A prayer for contemplation, meditation on the timeless message of EASTER..

Lord, You have arisen forever in my heart.

May the sunrise remind me to shine in your light.

May the caress of a gentle breeze remind me of Your compassion.

May the fragrance of a flower remind me to blossom in Your love.

May the singing of birds bring a song of joy to my lips

and in the closing of each day may I remember to quietly pray.

Wherever I am, whatever I do,

May my thoughts in joy, return to You.

Prayers for all of us during these trying times.

God bless you with His Peace and

fill you with his Love. 

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