October 4, 2019

Just a Thought

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Just a Thought   October 20th -21st

I will pray you have the same reaction as myself when you hear the Opening Antiphon for this week-end’s Mass.

“To you I call; for you will surely heed me, O God. Guard me as the apple of Your eye; in the shadow of Your wings protect me.”No matter what is going on in each of our lives, our loving God is protecting us because, when I call, He will surely heed me.”    God hears us, God responds, that’s faith!

My dear friends, there is so much sorrow in our world and so much confusion. Every day in visiting our folks, story after story, fills me with a deep appreciation for the Faith of our Parish.  
Our parishioners, including those reading this, know the love God has for each of us, sure, we may stray and fall away, but God will never forsake or abandon us.   O God turn your ear to me, hear my words.
Over and over in our Responsorial Psalm we repeated: “Our help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth.”In the closing verse, really heed the words prayed, “The Lord will guard your coming and going, both now and forever.”

God knows we are living in challenging times, yet week after week when we come to Holy Mass we are lifted up by the very words of Christ, then Christ takes His love for us one step further, He feeds us with His Precious Body and Blood, food for the journey.

Can I suggest for all of us that perhaps when we receive His precious Body, we pause and really acknowledge the Gift we have been Given: THE BODY OF GOD’S OWN SON, JESUS, given to us as food for our journey thru life.

Let each of us raise our eyes, not to the mountain, because we don’t have any near us, but perhaps to the Cross and recall the price God’s Son Jesus paid for our salvation, because HE LOVES US and wants us all one day to be with Him in the Kingdom.

PS   Just a little aside, if there is anyone reading this who sacra-mentally cannot receive Eucharist, for one reason or another, please talk to Father Al, one of our Deacons or myself,  perhaps we can help you.

God bless you and yours, you are in my daily prayers.

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