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Just a Thought

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Just a Thought Aug 21st – 22nd

Hard to believe we are closing out the month of June, where have the days gone? This month is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Perhaps, before the last day of June, you might wish to pray to the Sacred Heart for each member of your family and ask God to watch over and protect them.

As Catholics we know that every single day is a gift from our loving God and it is up to you and me how we live that day, and also how we show and share God’s love with those we meet on our daily journey.

Our beloved Holy Father, Pope Francis in his weekly paragraph, mentions the following, and I enter it here for all of us to ponder and take to heart.I quote our Holy Father, “Fear leads us to look at the difficulties, the awful problems, and not to look at the Lord. How often the problems and concerns become our focus.”

We are like the apostles asleep in the boat until trouble arises, then they called on God. My suggestion, again from our dear Holy Father, “to ask forthe grace that we never stop trusting in God”. Try each day to recall God’s Presence within you, take a moment or two to thank God for His love. Bring your cares and concerns to God and listen for His response.  God hears, God answers.

For the mothers among us, really for all of us, go to Mary, who never stoppedbelieving in and trusting in Jesus, her Son, God’s Son. Ask Mary to awaken in us, that basic need to trust the Lord, knowing that He walks with us every second of every day.

Sister Katie

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