October 4, 2019

Just a Thought

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Just Thought August 23rd 24th   

21st  Sunday in Ordinary Time

On Thursday, our Holy Father in his daily message reminded us that in the goodness of our loving God who gave us our senses, not just for ourselves, but to use our senses as a means to help us be aware of the pain and needs of others. 

So often we may see, but not respond, we see people hurting and walk another direction, so as not to be involved.  Jesus gave us Himself to be food for our journey, to help us not for our own benefit, but to make us aware of His love for us as He invites us to help Him reach out to those in pain, those hurting, confused, alone, whatever.

To truly see Christ in our day to day encounters, at home, the workplace, the store, even perhaps in just walking around your own neighborhood.

Our Holy Father invites us to recognize the human dignity in every person, no matter their race, language or human condition.

This inner harmony, the peace only God makes possible, will cause us to see as Christ sees, to recognize human dignity created by God, with God as our focal point, our center.  

Without Him we can do nothing, with Him, all things are possible to one who believes.

Our Responsorial Psalm can be our mantra as we strive to follow and live the Gospel message. “Lord, your love is eternal, do not forsake the work of Your hands”.

Try if I may suggest as we begin another week, 

to make some time during each day to being God into the moment.  By simply whispering His Holy Name, taking time to say a Hail Mary, the Our Father, as we go about our day.  Asking God to be with those we love, those we meet in the stores, the workplace, wherever, our day brings us, simply to walk with God and let God be in your words, your actions, in every breathe you breathe, 

He loves you so very much.

God bless you and yours, be safe.

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