October 4, 2019

Just a Thought

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Just a Thought November 30thDec 1st

First Sunday of Advent.  Hard to believe that we are four weeks away from Christmas. I don’t know about those readings this, but it seems that the days are flying by so quickly. An Advent thought might be for all of us to form the habit of thanking God each day for the Gift of that day.

Part of that being thankful may be to go to Confession as we prepare for the Birth of Christ. On Wednesday, December 11th, Father will be hearing Confessions in the morning and Father will have extra priests hearing Confession that evening. Just a suggestion, perhaps you could pray for the members of your family and if God so leads you, to reach out and invite them to join you when you go to Confession.

Our second reading contains the sentence, “For our salvation is nearer now, than when we first believed.” We know not the day or the hour when God will call us home. 

Advent is a time of preparation, not just for the coming of Christ, but for you and me, to look within and see if there is anything there keeping us from that closer more personal relationship with Christ.

Our Gospel form St. Matthew calls us to “stay awake,” for we will be held accountable for the life we have led here on earth. Let Advent be for you and me, a wake-up call, to look within and try to be the person Christ needs us to be for ourselves, and for the folks who love us.

God bless you and yours.  Have a Blessed Advent. ‘Jesus is coming’

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