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St. Rose of Lima Parish, Eddystone, PA

Announcement about the Parish Hall and Rectory Basement

February 6, 2023, Father Brian A. Izzo, Parochial Administrator

Late last year, our parish commissioned an environmental survey focused on certain areas of the church, rectory, parish hall, and school.

We recently received the resulting report from the independent environmental study firm, and I take this opportunity to share an update.

Here are the main conclusions and steps being taken to address identified concerns.

Church Hall: There is a higher-than-normal amount of moisture in the area from the office/entrance area from the exterior wall to the support pillars, and along the interior wall from the kitchen to the sacristy stairs (area of about 600 sq ft). A small portion of this area exhibited mold growth. Necessary steps are being taken to remove damaged drywall. Also in this section, the existing hard-wood flooring will be removed and replaced with a vinyl one.

We have been assured that the hall can still be used safely. Out of an abundance of caution, I asked Sister Katie to move our PREP classes to either school classrooms or the church itself after Christmas break.

This section of the church hall will be sectioned off during the demolition and repairs. This is to ensure everyone’s safety.

Boiler Room: Moisture retention was also identified in the walls of the boiler room and asbestos was detected in the ceiling. Necessary repairs and remediation steps will be taken. This work will not affect our ability to continue operating the boiler.

Rectory Basement: Asbestos was also detected in this area. Necessary steps will be taken to remediate that issue as soon as possible.

All of the necessary repairs and remediation will be undertaken by professional contractors experienced in this line of work. Upon its completion, we will have follow-up inspections performed.

There will be more information to follow, so please look in our bulletin and website for further information.

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